Our Values

ECFC’s 10 Basic Core Values



1.           THE WORD…upholding the Bible, the Word of God as our basis for doctrine, reproof, correction and instruction in righteousness.   We are a people of great faith.


2.           PRAYER…maintaining a Spirit led life and resurrection power in every facet of ministry through prayer.   We are a people of dynamic prayer.


3.           CREATIVITY…allowing the Holy Spirit to flow through us to express innovative and fresh ideas so that we always remain relevant and effective in fulfilling our mission.   We are creative people.


4.           INTEGRITY…conducting ourselves in a way that honors God and excludes any occasion for reproach.   We are a people of Godly character.


5.           EXCELLENCE…performing every ministry as unto the Lord and with the quality and character reflective of Him.   We are a people of excellence.


6.           ACCOUNTABILITY…following the pattern of respect and obedience to all levels of God ordained authority.   We are a people of humility and respect.


7.           SAFETY…insuring every environment is physically, emotionally and spiritually safe for believers as well as those seeking to know God.   We are a people of great wisdom.


8.           JOYFULNESS…remembering that the joy of the Lord is our strength and intentionally having fun while “doing” ministry.   We are a people of great joy.


9.           STEWARDSHIP…managing our time, talents and treasures with the mindset that we are responsible and accountable for the gifts we have received.   We are faithful stewards.


10.        COMMUNITY…doing life and ministry in a way that builds great teams, establishes healthy families, and creates life giving small groups.   We are a people of great community.